July 8, 2022

Dear New Fairfield Families & Staff,

Earlier in my career when I was a science teacher, my friends and I would travel the U.S. by bicycle during summer vacations, visiting our national parks.  Exploring our country's natural beauty in places like Yellowstone always reinvigorated me as a teacher and enriched my classroom teaching when school resumed in the fall.

On one such trip, biking and camping cross-country from Seattle to my childhood hometown in Norwalk, we made one last stop at Squantz Pond State Park before completing our journey, where I experienced a warm welcome from a local family.  The father invited us, weary travelers, over to their barbecue for lunch and some enjoyable conversation before we completed the final leg of our trip.  It was an unanticipated encounter, but one that I’ve always remembered fondly.

Fast forward to recent weeks following my appointment as superintendent.  I have once again experienced the warmth of the New Fairfield community, as I transition to this exciting position.  I am enjoying making new connections – listening and learning about this wonderful school system and town that cares deeply about education.  In the coming months, I am looking forward to continued conversations and cultivating relationships.

There is great work going on in New Fairfield from construction projects to instructional enhancements.  I have already had the opportunity to sit in on construction meetings and visit the schools.  It is my intention to build on the strong foundation that is currently in place with an emphasis on continuous improvement.  Over the summer, the leadership team will meet with me to develop goals to present to the board for the upcoming school year.  I will depend on our dedicated team of administrators, teachers and staff members to move us forward in ways that benefit all children.

Although my long-distance biking days are over, I enjoy spending time with my family – my wife, Lauren, who is also an educator, and our two teenage daughters.  Our oldest child is heading into her junior year and beginning to think about the college process, while our youngest is just starting her high school career.  Both of our children are involved in athletics, and the frequent taxi rides I find myself giving them to practices and games are small moments I cherish.  I am confident that my experiences as a father will continue to influence me as an educational leader.  

In closing, I wish you a fantastic summer, and I hope you are taking the time to enjoy what you love to do with family and friends. 

Warm regards,


Kenneth G. Craw, Ed. D.