Welcome to New Fairfield Public School's Online Registration Page!

We are very excited to welcome you and your child into our school community. Registration in our schools occurs through a series of steps which are explained below.

Step 1: Complete the Pre-Registration Form

This step collects basic information about you and your child. Upon submitting this form, the information will be reviewed by the Registrar. Once that review is complete, you will receive instructions via email about how to move onto Step 2.

Pre-Registration Form - Click to access the portal page for Pre-Registration.

When asked, select 2022-2023 school year and Approximate Entry Date 8/29/2022.

We only have the ability to enter Male or Female gender. We recognize this is a limitation of the program that we are working to fix. If your child does not identify in this manner, it is perfectly fine to leave the field blank (it is not required) and it can be entered during Step 2 of the registration process to more accurately reflect their status

Is your Child currently enrolled in NFPS in our ELC/Preschool and moving into Kindergarten? We already have you in our system ... SKIP to Step 2.

Step 2: Online Form Completion Through PowerSchool

The Registrar's email will provide you login credentials to PowerSchool's Parent Portal where you will complete the online forms and upload documentation necessary to complete your registration. If you already have a portal account because you have a child enrolled in our middle or high school, the email will let you know a new tab has been added to your account.

Step 3: Registrar Review

Once all forms are completed and submitted on the portal, the Registrar will review. If there are additional questions or documentation for your specific situation you will be contacted. If the child attended school in another district prior, students records will need to be obtained.

Please be patient while the appropriate school staff work through your registration paperwork and prepare for welcoming your child to New Fairfield.


If you have any questions about the portal or technical aspects of the registration process, please email helpdesk@newfairfieldschools.org.

For general questions about registration or New Fairfield Schools, please email Donna Fejes, District Registrar, at fejes.donna@newfairfieldschools.org, or call (203)312-5898.

For information regarding registration into our ELC/Preschool program, please contact Lorry Spencer at spencer.lorrainne@newfairfieldschools.org or (203)312-5775