The nine members of the New Fairfield Board of Education are selected for a term of four (4) years and serve without salary. Board members are elected in accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes. Vacancies are filled by Board of Education appointment until the next regular election. The majority party shall be represented by no more than six members.

Current Members
Kathy Baker
Timothy Blair
Dominic Cipollone (Chair)
Greg Flanagan
Susan Huwer
Amy Johnson
Kimberly LaTourette (Secretary)
Samantha Mannion (Vice Chair)
Ed Sbordone
Student Representatives - Brennan Hearty

To send communication to the Board of Education, please email

A maximum of two students are appointed to be non-voting members of the Board of Education. During monthly meetings, the opinions of the students will be solicited in order to provide an added perspective to the Board of Education's decision-making process. Student representatives do not attend Executive Sessions of the Board.

The proper chain of command is first to talk to the person closest to the problem (e.g. teacher, coach.) If the problem is unresolved, talk to the person's supervisor and then, if still unresolved, the highest level of administrator at the school. Only after those contacts would a person approach the Superintendent of Schools. Finally, if a matter cannot be resolved at this level, the issue would then be referred to the Board of Education through the Chair at