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Hello New Fairfield Families!

Each day that goes by we are further defining this process and improving it.

We now have our two Engagement Coordinators, Joan Spector and Leonard Sauro.
If your child is quarantined, Mrs. Spector and Mr. Sauro will send an email to you with more specific information.

When students are quarantined, they will be marked absent on the first school day of their quarantine to allow time for us to notify teachers, gather work and provide devices at the lower grades. Parents can pick up the devices and/or materials at the end of that school day.
Q-School starts the morning of the second school day of quarantine.

The goal of providing work during a period of quarantine is to help students stay current so that they do not fall behind in their class(es). They will be marked present if they attend Q-school.
The intention of Q-School is to reduce isolation, provide community and support instruction, during a period of quarantine.

Thank you for your support as we fine tune this new process!

Julie Luby

Assistant Superintendent of Schools
New Fairfield Public Schools