February 23, 2022

Dear Staff and Parents:

As you are aware beginning Monday, February 28th, mask-wearing will be optional in all New Fairfield Public Schools.  Due to federal regulations, masks are still required on school buses and vans. In order to facilitate a smooth transition for all staff and students, you will find a list of talking points to share with students regarding choice and mask-wearing. 

Support for a Successful Transition to Optional Mask-Wearing

Choice and Personal Responsibility

Throughout this week, our staff will have conversations with students to remind them that when mask-wearing will be optional,  beginning February 28th, students must demonstrate respect and understanding regarding personal choice and responsibility.

Talking Points: (for school and home)

We recognize that masks have been used throughout the pandemic and that change may be difficult for some. However, while this is the beginning of a path forward, we will still be employing mitigation strategies as ongoing preventative measures.

● Whether or not to wear a mask is a decision to be made with parents/guardians at home.

● Students and staff members may continue to wear masks while at school.

● As we expect every day in school, we need to show respect for friends, peers, and staff no matter how they might feel and what practices (such as masking) they want to continue.

● As always, teasing and bullying will not be allowed. 

● Support is available for any student who needs it as these changes occur.

● The school nurses will be available if a student, staff, or family member has a question about the new mask option.

We are confident that our staff and students will rise to the occasion and transition to the optional mask-wearing choice in a positive manner.  Please feel free to contact your school administration or nurse if you have questions or concerns.  

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we transition to optional mask-wearing.  

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Cosentino

(Compiled by WCSA)