We are very happy to announce that New Fairfield has partnered with Worth Ave. Group for a second year to offer an optional insurance policy for students who are using a school issued Chromebook to help alleviate the cost of repairs to that device. 

The sign up period to purchase a policy is now EXTENDED through October 17th. Sign up is done online via the personalized portal page at The portal will close on March 1st. You will need your child’s student ID number, which can be found in PowerSchool under the demographics tab of your Parent Portal.

All policies purchased will last for the full school year and cost $30 per device. For comparison, the current cost for replacing a single screen ranges from $65 to $105 for a touch screen model with the cost of parts today. The charge for damaged keyboards is currently $85. This policy will cover up to the full replacement cost of the device due to accidental damage. We hope that offering a policy like this will help give our families peace of mind.

Once a policy is purchased, the school will supply Worth Ave. Group with the serial number of the specific device the child is assigned. All claims will be handled by the school, so parents only have to sign up online before the sign up window closes.

If you have any specific questions regarding the policy, please feel free to reply to this email or call Worth Ave. Group directly at 1-800-620-2885 .


Dr. Karen A. Fildes Director of Technology and Communications