Teaching & Learning

The Mission of the New Fairfield Public Schools is to engage students, staff, and the community in a partnership to provide a collaborative, innovative, encouraging and safe environment where all members take an active role in supporting each other’s learning while also helping students pursue their own passions.

Our graduates are knowledgeable scholars, talented communicators, critical and creative thinkers, engaged global citizens, and self-determined, self-reliant individuals.

Here, you can find out more information about curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  You will find an overview of K - 12 curriculum and learn about ways we assess students.  You can also read about our instructional delivery model, intervention process and special programming to ensure all students can reach their fullest potential.

Curriculum is WHAT we teach and what we want students to know, be able to do and understand, as a result of our instruction. Instruction is HOW we deliver the curriculum and what we do to facilitate student learning. Assessment is how we determine what students have learned and what they are ready to learn next. Supports for learning are the many services and programs that serve to ensure that all students learn.

Students in science class


Student demonstrating learning on her Chromebook


Students at the easel in a circle

Supports for Learning