Enrollment Instructions/Forms

1. In order to complete our registration process, please follow these steps:

2. Print off the appropriate forms shown below. A District Registration Packet should be printed for each student along with their respective Add-On Packet based on their grade in school:

Enrollment Instructions/Forms

3. As described in the cover letter to the District Packet, please also obtain -

a. Each student’s birth certificate,

b. Have the performing doctor complete the CT State Health Assessment form (included in the District Packet) for physicals performed within one year of prospective start date of school and;

c. The required acceptable Proof of Residency documents (three are required) as described in the Verification of Residence form.

4. Once the forms are completed and all required mandatory documents collected, please call Donna Fejes, District Registrar, at 203-312-5898 for grades 1 – 12; or Lori Racca, Consolidated School secretary, at 203-312-5940 for kindergarten registration to arrange for an appointment to go over the paperwork and enroll your student(s).

5. Pre-school or ELC: contact Lori Spencer in our PPS Department at 203-312-5775.

6. For high school students only, you will also need to contact Sharon Bernardini at 203-312-5808 to arrange for a corresponding appointment with your student’s counselor for scheduling purposes. Students must be enrolled prior to their scheduling appointment.

Registrar (contact information):

Mrs. Donna Fejes
24 Gillotti Road (Meeting House Hill School)

We look forward to meeting you soon!