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Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Alicia M. Roy

Meeting the needs of all students is central to New Fairfield's educational system. Our district is a community of learners--both staff and students--working together to ensure that failure is not an option and that students develop to their highest potential. We continue to strive for students to accept responsibility for their own learning, and believe that working as a community of learners, including the involvement of our dedicated families, our students can succeed.

I am very excited to be serving as your superintendent. To assist in this cooperative effort in which the school reflects the values of the home and the home supports the efforts of the school, and in which students grow in an atmosphere of shared purpose and consistent expectations, we offer and embrace the following responsibilities:

  • Reading with your student a minimum of 20 minutes every day
  • Sending your student to school rested, clean, fed, and ready to learn
  • Ensuring that your student attends school regularly
  • Treating school personnel with courtesy and respect
  • Becoming aware of the student’s work, progress, and problems by talking to the student about school, by looking at the student’s work and grades, and by attending school functions when possible
  • Volunteering time, skill, or resources when needed and possible
  • Taking part in school and community programs that empower parents
  • Responding to communications from the school
  • Holding the student responsible for the work, attendance, and behavior expected
  • Modeling in one’s own life the behavior one wishes to see
  • Reinforcing at home the importance of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to function effectively in society 

Please contact me or any of the schools at any time to discuss available educational opportunities for students in New Fairfield.

Created on 6/11/2014 - Last updated on 11/12/2015