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Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Alicia M. Roy

I am looking forward to our continued work together to meet the needs of all learners during the 2017-2018 school year, enabling our educational system to be strong.  The New Fairfield Public Schools proudly offer a multitude of programs designed to meet the needs of students, with our goal being to ensure that all are afforded the opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential.  We appreciate that we can only accomplish this goal if we work closely as a community.

Our award-winning calendar and guide showcases student work and highlights some of the important events offered throughout the district this school year.  Be sure to refer to it on the main page of the district website, under the district tab, select calendar.  It also features policies I encourage you to take some time to review.  Please continue to refer to this website to find up-to-date policies and information including additional events that may be scheduled for families. 

The New Fairfield Public School District values high expectations and excellence as we prepare the young people of this community to become self-motivated, critical thinkers and successful, productive citizens.  Contact me or any of the schools at any time to discuss available educational opportunities for students. 

Created on 8/11/2017 - Last updated on 8/11/2017