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School Volunteers


Welcome and thank you for your willingness to be a volunteer in the New Fairfield Public Schools. It is of the utmost concern to our district that we provide and maintain a safe environment for our students. Therefore, we require the following steps to approve you as a volunteer in our schools:

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION FORM - FORM 1212 Volunteer form Click here

This form must be completed each school year and returned to the school office in which you want to volunteer. Upon completion of this form a member of the office staff will perform an initial check of the sex offender list. Should the search result in a clean check, you will be placed on the school volunteer list for that building. The volunteer’s name will be checked against the sex offender list every time the person enters the building as a volunteer.


This additional step is required for any volunteer who will be alone with students for any length of time without a school staff member present. Examples include but are not limited to supervising lunch in the classroom and field trips. Fingerprint cards must be picked up from the Human Resources department and appointments must be scheduled with the New Fairfield Police Department (203) 312-5701. The $10.75 cost payable to Treasurer – State of CT will be borne, similar to other districts, by the volunteer.

Fingerprinting will not be required again unless there is a break in the volunteer’s service. A break in service is described as a school year in which Form 1212 has not been completed.

Questions regarding whether previous fingerprinting will meet the above requirement:

If you have been fingerprinted to be a substitute in New Fairfield schools, does that suffice?

Yes, provided you are currently an active substitute on the NF Sub List (contact Human Resources to verify). If you are not active, the fingerprints must have been taken within the past 12 months or another background check must be conducted.

If you have been fingerprinted to substitute or work in another district, does that suffice?

Yes, if you were fingerprinted by Education Connection or one of its sister organizations (e.g., ACES) within the past 12 months. Given the name and last four digits of the Social Security number, Human Resources can ask Ed Conn for results. If you were printed by a sister organization you must contact that group to have results released to Ed Conn. We do not accept background checks from other municipalities.

If you have had background checks for any other reason, does that suffice?

No, you must be fingerprinted at the New Fairfield Police Department on the cards provided by the Human Resources department.

We appreciate your willingness to be involved in the educational endeavors of our students and thank you in advance for your adherence to our procedures to ensure that all remain safe and secure. 8/2016