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Quarterly Expenditure and Projection Report

Aggregate Spending

This financial data is presented in accordance with CT State Statute 10-222o, which requires each local and regional board of education to annually publish on their website the aggregate spending for education for each school under their jurisdiction. Please note that aggregate spending includes, but is not limited to, funding sources such as the locally approved school budget, all in-kind services provided by the local municipality/city, all Federal and State Grants, Insurance Claims, Rentals, Donations, and Endowment Funds. Total expenditures have been disaggregated and presented as required.

Per Pupil Expenditure

All reports from CSDE present per-pupil expenditures (PPE) for free elementary and secondary education, including both regular and special education. Reports exclude expenditures for food services not funded by local funds, debt, capital, adult education, community services, and state contributions to teachers’ retirement. Expenditures for schools, programs, or outplaced tuition types with low pupil counts (5 or less) are not listed separately, however their amounts are included in applicable totals. Financial data are taken from the Education Financial System (EFS), reported by local and regional school districts, regional education service centers, and charter schools for 2017-18. Pupil counts are from October 1, 2017 data reported in the Public School Information System (PSIS). Please note that 2017-18 is the first year for which school-level expenditure data has been collected. These reports are an initial step in making the school-level data available; the State intends to provide enhanced reporting in future years.