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The Board of Education shall act as the general agent of the State in carrying out the will of the people of the district in matters of public education. The Board has those powers which are expressly granted to it by the legislature and also such powers as may be reasonably implied from the express powers granted.

The New Fairfield Board of Education views its required functions in these broad areas: Legislative and Policymaking, Appraisal, Provision of Financial Resources, Public Relations, and Education Planning and Evaluation.


1. The New Fairfield Board of Education shall establish a communications plan which shall include the following:

1. Establishment of Various Procedures/Forums for Sharing Information;
2. Board Orientation;
3. Recognition of Volunteers and Staff;
4. Communication With Other Municipal Organizations;
5. Promoting the Mission Statement and District Goals.

2. The New Fairfield Board of Education shall analyze space and enrollment issues and develop a plan to meet the needs of all students.

3. Will conduct an annual self-evaluation as outlined by the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE).

When does a person with a concern approach the Board of Education?

The proper chain of command is first to talk to the person closest to the problem (e.g. teacher, coach.) If the problem is unresolved, talk to the person's supervisor and then, if still unresolved, the highest level of administrator at the school. Only after those contacts would a person approach the Superintendent of Schools. Finally, if a matter cannot be resolved at this level, the issue would then be referred to the Board of Education through the Chair at